The Terminix© team of gifted Entomologists have created a comprehensive, seasonal Pest Control and Protection Program addressing changes in pest behavior from season to season. Instead of using the same tricks over and over again, Terminix's© program uses a series of high quality and environmentally conscious materials, which minimizes pest resistance and behavior over time.  They will never know what hit them, no matter what time of year it is.

We know how pests behave. Take-charge Terminix© pest professionals will consistently introduce new and innovate pest control methods and techniques in order to implement the most effective and safest pest management program for you and your family. Our technicians truly know how to do the right things at the right time!

Seasonal badge for fall


Young pests are maturing and all pests are building up their reserves for the winter and are actively seeking harborage. Because they are slowing down, pests are more vulnerable to predation. Your home is a desirable pest retreat. To repel them, the technician establishes a barrier around the home by applying materials in pathways that pests will use to access the structure and caulking small pest entry points such as those found around window frames and utility entry points.

Seasonal badge for spring


Insects become more active in spring—arising from their winter sleep, migrating, breeding—because, with the warmth, treatmentts grow and food becomes more abundant.  Therefore, Spring is the time when pests and pests aim to increase their populations. Terminix© applies treatments that have the main goal of stopping reproduction.  The treatment focuses on the exterior of the structure where pests live and breed, plus obvious and not so obvious entry ways into your home. Our skilled technicians take a proactive stance against pest invasion.   The materials used will work to eliminate the colony and establish a long-term protection to stop the pests from coming into your home.  

Seasonal badge for summer


Why is it that we see more pests and pests in the summer months? Mainly because pests eat continuously during the summer months.  Their energy reserves have been depleted from the long winter months and not enough food has been produced in spring. Insects can move faster during the summer, making them less afraid of predators which of course are more likely to be seen in the warmer months. This means that it is time to treat the exterior perimeter of your home and hit pests where they thrive!

Seasonal badge for winter


Insects hide and reserve energy in winter.  This is so that they can increase their chances of surviving until Spring. Because your home is an ideal pest retreat, Terminix© expert exterminators will focus on eliminating the specific pests and pests that treatment on taking up unwanted residence with you inside of your home. Terminix© will establish a continual path by using naturally occurring products to protect the interior of the home against unwanted pest and pest invasions throughout the year.

not sure what pest you're dealing with?  Contact Terminix© today and we will help you figure it out!