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Backed by a team of expert technicians and 85+ years of termites and pests protection.  Terminix© has got you covered.  Terminix© will do whatever it takes to solve your pest problem,  at no cost to you, until pests are gone.  If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll give you your money back!  

bed bug Control from Terminix©

Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task. Any place that you sit, rest or sleep can be a place that bed bugs are laying in wait. They can hide in your mattress pad, box spring, mattress, even your sheets. It doesn't stop at the bedroom either. These blood sucking pests can find you basically anywhere. Sitting in a movie theater, your favorite recliner, hanging out a friends house or even flying to your favorite vacation spot can make you susceptible to these annoying pests. Bed bugs are good at hiding themselves, but not their evidence. Schedule your FREE no-obligation inspection today!

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