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Colorado is best known for its rugged mountains and forested areas. However, there are other parts of this state which are arid and semi-arid. The geographical climate of Colorado is so diverse from place to place; so are the various varieties of pests found in this state. The regions around the forest and mountainous regions are home to a variety of species of various pests which stray and into people home from time to time causing disturbances.

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With convenient locations strategically placed throughout the state of Colorado. You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's ticks, beetles, rodents or biting pests. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

Common pests in colorado


Bugs are the most common pests that are found in almost every part of Colorado. Bugs usually prefer staying in gardens and other treatmentted areas of your home. However, during colder seasons such as winter, they are known to invade homes. Bugs are usually harmless since they do not bite humans, but their presence in the house should never be tolerated. The most common types of bugs found in this state include Boxelder bugs, True bugs, Wheel bugs, Western Conifer Seed bugs and Squash bugs.


Ticks are a major concern in some parts of Colorado. They can usually be found south of Colorado Springs and neighboring regions which are relatively warmer. The most common types of ticks found are the American Dog ticks. They are mostly found in or around rural farms and on pets.


Beetles are also common in most parts of the state, especially in rural Colorado. They usually invade homes in search of food. It is often hard to eradicate them from your home if there is food available for them to feed. Therefore is is necessary to seek the services of pest control companies to help in the eradication of these pests. The most common types of beetles that invade people’s homes include Carpet beetles, Flour beetles, and Saw-toothed Grain beetles. The latter two are mostly found in places where processed grain foods and pastry are kept. Because they usually feed on grains, while Carpet beetles can be found anywhere in the house. Beetles usually tend to enter people’s homes during winter seasons.

biting pests

Biting pests such as mosquitoes, carpenter bees, and wasps are found in rural areas of the state, though they are not very common. However, since biting pests can cause diseases and allergies, their infestation should not be tolerated at all. In case the infestation of these biting pests is discovered, it is highly recommended to alert pest control services for help.


Rodents are common in Colorado, especially in rural places. Rodents usually invade homes in search of food.  They tend to carry many diseases that can affect humans. Moreover, rodents can also introduce more pests in your home such as fleas and therefore they too shouldn’t be entertained. There are other pests in this state too, like spiders, moths, and ants, but these never pose any imminent danger, though they too should be controlled by professionals.  

Residents of Colorado are advised to seek the services of professional pest control companies to help them in eradicating pests whenever their infestations sighted.