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Connecticut is fairly a colder state.  This means that most dangerous pests are unlikely to be found here, the cold climate also indicates that pests are more likely to invade people's home in search of warmth. This behavior is normal during colder seasons. Pests usually invade people's homes and there is a pressing need to control them. There are various types of pests which are commonly found throughout the state.

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With convenient locations strategically placed throughout the state of Connecticut. You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's boxelder bugs, bed bugs, cockroaches or stink bugs. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

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Common pests in connecticut

Boxelder bugs

These pests feed on the seeds of the Boxelder tree. However, during extreme cold seasons, they usually invade people's homes to seek refuge. While there, they will typically feed on any food available and thus become a nuisance. Their infestation can rapidly increase due their fast breeding rate and thus should be eradicated before this happens.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are usually outdoor pests. However, they are known to sneak into people's homes as they seek refuge from the extreme outdoor weather during the frigid winters. Naturally, they are not harmful to humans beings. However, they are very unpleasant because they are known to emit a very strong pungent smell which makes them undesirable to be anywhere near people.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been common in Connecticut in the recent years. These pests prey on people while they are asleep for a blood meal. Their bites can cause irritation or allergies to sensitive people.  Bed bugs are very elusive and their presence at home may not be detected for a long period of time which can result to a heavy infestation of these pests which can breed at a very fast rate. Therefore it is important for the residents of this state to have regular checkups of any signs of bed bugs in their homes. Things to look out include blood spots on bedding or pajamas, their eggs and also any signs of them on the seams of mattresses and pillows. There may be other signs of their presence on any cracks or crevices on the bed or walls of the bedroom.

It can be difficult to eradicate bed bugs given that they are resistant to most common pest repellants. They can also live close to a year without a meal. So thinking that they may starve to death is not  really an option. It is important for the residents of this state to seek the services of pest control specialists who have the expertise in treating bed bugs.


Roaches are also some of the most common and annoying pests that can be found in various places in Connecticut. Generally, roaches feed on almost anything, therefore they are most comfortable in any home. They can transmit diseases to humans through their secretions. Moreover, they are very unpleasant and embarrassing to be found in homes especially when there is a large infestation of them. The German cockroach and the Oriental cockroaches are the most common species to be found in this state.

Residents in this state are advised to ensure that they enlist the services of pest control experts in eradicating pests in their homes. These specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with various types of pests and hence are critical in eradicating pests in your home.

Residents of Connecticut are advised to seek the services of professional pest control companies to help them in eradicating pests whenever any infestations are sighted.