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Although pest problems are usually specific to certain regions and also in certain seasons, there are incidences when new pests can invade your home at any time of the year. That’s why there is the need to contact pest control specialists who have tailored customized customized solutions to any specific pest problem at any time. The newest pests which have been haunting the residents of Delaware are bed bugs. Though that never used to be the case, or they were limited to certain regions of the state, with time, the menace of these pests has heightened exponentially.

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You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's bed bugs, termites, or moths. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

Common pests in delaware

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are generally not known to transmit diseases. However, these pests are known to bite which is very irritating. They usually attack at night while people are asleep so that they can suck human blood which is the source of their livelihood. Residents need to be aware of the potential threats of bed bug infestations. Foremost, there is no apartment, condo, hotel or home which is immune from the attack of these pests. Typically, their infestation has nothing to do with hygiene as most people reason. On the contrary, these pests can invade even the cleanest home.

Moreover, they usually multiply fast and in such an event, the efforts of getting rid of them can be very draining both financially and mentally. In addition to that, residents of Delaware need to know that these pests can live up to a year without food. Basically, when there are humans for them to suck blood, they usually go to hibernation until their source of food is available.

Their presence may be hard to detect because they are nocturnal and fast in escaping from prey, but an inspection in places where they most frequent can indicate their presence. Such areas include crevices and cracks on the bed, walls of the bedroom, bed frames, mattresses and also in seams of pillows. One should look out for any blood stains, eggs or dead bugs to confirm their presence.

Bed bugs are also very resistant to common pest repellants, hence their eradication is beyond the ability of most residents. Therefore, one needs to call for professional help from pest control specialists for further guidance of the eradication of these pests.


Moths are also another big headache in Delaware. Moths usually create a lot of disarray in home because of their fast breeding period. The common moths in Delaware are Clothes moths and Case-Bearing moths. These moths tend to love dark places such as basements. Clothes moths will stick in places where clothes are kept and breed there. They usually bring damage by drilling holes into people’s clothes.


Most people do not know about these pests, though they are common in Delaware and can also be found in other states throughout the US. Earwigs are very frightening too look at because of the pinchers that they posses on the back of their abdomens.

They are nocturnal and thus they usually hide during the day. When night arrives, they will get attracted to any source of light. It is believed that a special scent that they produce helps them to cluster together under a source of light especially during summer when they are more active. In the morning, you will find them gathered in anything nearby after the lights have been put off. Earwigs tend to invade homes in search of food.


These pests are also a source of concern to many residents of this state because of the damage that they bring. They will feed on anything woody hence leaving wooden frames of houses weak and in need of replacement. 

There are other commons pests which include cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish and stick bugs which are also common in this state. It is important to call professional pest control specialists to deal with pest problems.