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If there is one state in the country which is known to harbor a broad variety of pests, then it is Florida. The logic behind this could be the warm geographical climate, coupled with high levels of humidity which make optimal for these critters to mate, breed and make their homes. Biting pests are the most notorious pests in this state. Here are the most common pests.

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Common pests in florida

yellow flies

Yellow flies are one variety of pests best known for biting. Their presence in this state is usually noted during late spring and early summer when they emerge in large numbers. During this time, female yellow flies are the most notorious because they are ever in dire need of a blood meal to develop their eggs. Therefore they will attack anyone, especially children. Their biting may not cause much harm to humans, but nobody loves losing blood, unless while donating. Their bites can bring irritation and in some instances cause allergies.


If there is anything which can easily enable the multiplication and hence infestation of these pests, then it is the warm climate of places such as Florida. The presence of large amounts of water is not a problem in this coastal state of the US. These pest are known to carry various diseases, some of which are lethal and thus need to be controlled. Also their bites and lousy buzzing of these pests is very irritating and a good reason for you to seek attention from pest control specialists. The Yellow Fever mosquito is the most common variety in this state.

stable flies

Also commonly known as Dog flies, these pests are so notorious because of their biting to the extent of affecting tourism. They are usually common in Northwest Florida where they are found in large numbers in or around seaweed which has been washed-up on the shoreline. They will attack any tourists or person who comes nearby for a blood meal which keeps them going. They are also known to attack animals such as pets and farm animals. They usually attack early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Therefore, when they have no meal, they will invade people homes and structures in search for their food.


Red Fire ants are the most commons ants that have made Florida home. They can be found in almost every back yard of homes in Florida where they build their moulds to live. Unlike other biting pests in this state, Red Fire ants will sting and their stings are usually painful and may leave swollen marks on the skin. Extensive stinging by these ants can lead to death. Their presence also should be eradicated by professional pest control specialists. Carpenter ants are also widespread in this state. They however don’t sting, but can bite.


Southeastern Florida is known to harbor a variety of spiders such as Wolf spiders and Black Widow spiders. Black Widow spiders are the most frightening because they are extremely venomous. They usually do not sneak into people’s homes, though from time to time they may be found in basements and other places rarely used. Wolf spiders are also common, though they usually never bite people. As a matter of fact, they are beneficial because they are carnivorous and tend to consume other pests for food.

Other common pests in this state include roaches, bugs, termites and beetles.