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Indiana is one of the states in the country that have low counts of pest infestation. Thanks to the moderate climate which feature the place. Also, the terrain has little vegetation which helps pests to live and facilitate their breeding. However, this shouldn't be taken to mean that there are no pests in the state. Much like in other states, there are few varieties of vermin which are also found here.

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Common pests in indiana


Roaches are the most common pest found in this state. Typically, they are found in almost every part of the state. Among the species, the most notorious are German roaches which are used to invading the homes of many residents of this state. They usually love hiding in crevices and cracks near sources of food and love coming out of hiding at night in search of food. However, they still can be seen during the daytime, when they notice that no one is around, they are dirty pests and can easily spread diseases.

Another common species of roach found is the Oriental cockroach. This roach can be distinguished from the German roach because of its ability to fly. They can be found in the garden, although they too can enter homes in search of food.


In Indiana, the most common type of termite is the Eastern subterranean termite. They are best known as the most destructive species of termites. When they intrude into your house, they will invade anything wooden, especially on the floor of the house. This is their normal source of livelihood and hence will leave the wooden material damaged by the time you can call specialists in pest control to enable you to eradicate them.

It is always advisable for you to be keen in detecting their invasion into your house. The earlier you seek help from pest control experts, the better, because these termites can cause extensive damage.


Just like termites, Powder Post beetle also derive their food from wooden materials. The larvae of these beetles usually burrow through the wooden materials as they seek a place to stay before maturing into adults. During their stay, they will always get their food from cellulose which is found in woody materials.


Mosquitoes are also common in this state. However, the Asian Tiger mosquito is the most common mosquito species. They are found in many places throughout the state. As much as it is important to make your home mosquito proof, adapting preventive measures is the best way to fight these pests. These methods include draining any stagnant water pools around your home, clearing bushes and also calling pest control specialist to apply the best outdoor chemicals in nearby bushes to keep mosquitoes from breeding. Other pest common includes bugs, Pavements ants, fleas, bed bugs, and rodents