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Pest control and preventions are services which are carried out best by professional specialists. This is a statement the residents of Iowa know very well because of the numerous pests which are present in this state. Iowa has various types of pests which invade people's homes as they forage for food or as they try to locate better places of nesting. Like in other states, pests here invade people's home during different seasons. Some of the vermin which have been causing more disturbances in recent times are bed bugs.

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With convenient locations strategically placed throughout the state of Iowa. You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's bed bugs, ticks, bees or wasps. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

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Common pests in iowa

bed bugs

Bed bugs seem to have taken an interest in most American homes. These nasty critters are generally difficult to get rid of as they are used to resisting most chemical pest repellants. Their presence also does not necessarily indicate that one is unhygienic as they can sneak even in the cleanest homes or even in five-star hotels. Given the fact that eradicating them is usually tiring and may not be effective, it is always advisable to seek help from professional pest control specialists who can determine the best customized customized solutions to get rid of them.

The residents of this state are always advised to be on the lookout for any signs which may indicate their presence before their infestation multiplies which can make it harder to get rid of them. Some of the signs to look for include blood spots on bedding, presence of their eggs and biting irritations they cause to humans as they suck blood, which is their source of livelihood. Residents also need to be aware of the fact that these pests can hibernate for over a year without any food. Therefore even if a homeowner decides to temporarily leave their home for a month or two, thinking that they will starve because of hunger. One will be surprised to find them very alive. Professional pest control specialists are the best people to help you to eradicate these pests.


Ticks are another biting pest that are all too common in Iowa, especially in rural settings. Ticks are commonly found in wooded areas and are known to attack pets and animals. However, in extreme cases, they also attack humans for a blood meal. The American Dog tick is the most common. Other species of ticks found in this state include the Lone Star tick and the Black-legged tick commonly known as Deer tick. The latter is a major threat to the residents of this state because it usually transmits Lyme disease.


Wasps do not bite, but they sting. Their stings are very painful and an attack by a swarm of these stinging pests can be fatal. They are common in this state throughout the year, but it is during winter and fall when they become the most notorious as they try to invade people's homes while escaping extreme outdoor weather. Whenever they invade homes, they try to make their presence notable by building nests in attics. To avoid getting stung, it is advisable to seek help from pest control specialists. The common types of wasps species found in Iowa include Yellow jacket wasps and Spider wasps.


Killer bees and carpenter bees are also some of the other types of stinging pests found in Iowa during warmer seasons. These pests resemble and are usually mistaken with bumble bees/honey bees and people may easily entertain them. This can create a problem in the event when they get agitated because they can easily sting. An attack from a swarm of these pests can potentially be lethal.

Other common pests include cockroaches which are common in every part of America and ants.