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Louisiana is one of the states of the US which is prone to large infestations of pests. The state is characterized by hot, subtropical temperatures which may get milder during the year. Thus, making it an optimal place for various types of pests to breed. There are several species of pests common in this state.

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Common pests in louisiana

The seasons of this state can tend to have severe variations. This means that summer can have extremely high temperatures and winters have extremely low temperatures. This creates problems with pests. Generally, pests love warmer temperatures. High temperatures make them more active and enable them to mate and breed in large numbers during summer seasons. On the other hand, when winter seasons have extremely low temperatures, these pests which commonly live outdoors will sneak into people's homes to seek refuge from the cold weather outside. This makes life in Kentucky a bit problematic as the residents have to battle to keep these pests away from their homes. This is why the residents need to be alert of the commonest pests which are found in the state so that they can seek the help of professional pests control specialists to help get rid of them when found in homes.


The Powder Post beetle is the commonest of all beetles in this state. The problem with this species of beetle is their love for anything made of wood. Like their name suggest, they usually invade anything wooden and burrow through it leaving behind a trail of wood powder from the holes that they burrow on the wooden materials. Larvae are most notorious for this because they usually burrow wooden materials search for a place to live before maturing to adults.


Eastern subterranean termites and Arid land termites are not the exception. These burrowing pests are not much different from the Powder Post beetles when it comes to damaging wooden materials. They are very common in this state and their distribution is almost even in every part of Louisiana. Some species of Drywood termites are also common. This variety of ants usually prefers dry wood and they too cause damages in homes


Joining the list of destructive pests that cause damage to wooden materials are carpenter ants.  These three types of pests are very common in Louisiana and since they usually cause major damages, then there is the need to seek the services of professional pest control specialists whenever their presence has been detected. It is advisable to do this earlier before the extent of the damage gets worse. Residents should always be on the lookout for these pests.


Mosquitoes are also common in almost every part of the state. The warm humid climate makes it optimal for them to breed and multiply and thus they can easily cause major problems they are known to spread diseases. There are various varieties of mosquitoes in this state but the West Nile virus is the most common one.

carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are also common in most part of the state. These pests will feed on anything though they love fabrics and thus when they invade your home, they will definitely damage your clothes and carpets. They also love food products as well and they can be spotted near where processed grains are kept. Although they are outdoor pests, they will find their way to people's homes through improperly sealed doors, windows and through cracks.

Any problems with pest infestations are best addressed with the help of qualified and professional pest control specialists and therefore the residents of Louisiana are advised to seek help whenever the presence of pest is noted in their homes.