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The residents of Maine are advantaged by the fact that the state is characterized by colder climate conditions which makes it inhabitable for most pests to thrive. However, this doesn't mean that there are no pests in this state. They are present in smaller numbers and these too can be a nuisance in your home.

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Common pests in maine


Ants in this state usually invade homes to seek refuge from the extreme cold weather outside. The most common types of ants which may find their way into your home include the Red Fire ants, European Fire ants, Carpenter ants and Yellow ants. Also, Pavement ants are common in some parts of this state. The Red Fire ants and European ants are most prevalent in the coastal regions. They are not natives in America and that maybe the reason why they are generally found in large numbers in coastal settlements. They pose a major threat to the residents of this county because by not being natives of Maine, they generally don't have any predators giving them an advantage of multiplying in large numbers. When agitated, these two species are known to attack with very painful stings. An attack by a large swarm of these pests can be fatal and thus they should be avoided.

Carpenter ants are also another problem in this state because of the extent of damage that they can cause to homes as they burrow wooden material used in building houses.


Rodents are prevalent in large numbers in this state. Roof rats and the Norway rats are the most common rodents found in this state. They usually sneak into people's homes in search of food. They are known to carry and transmit diseases through their fur and secretions which contain nasty odors and by eating food that has been contaminated by their mouths.

bed bugs

Bed bugs have also become a nuisance to the residents of this state in the recent times. An infestation of bed bugs can cause problems to the residents of this state because these pests usually breed and multiply at a very fast rate. They are also difficult to get rid of as they are resistant to many chemical pesticides and in the fact that they can hibernate for over a year without food. Getting rid of these pests can be draining both financially and psychologically, and thus it is bests to seek help from pest control specialists. Maine generally has fewer cases of pest infestations which invade the homes of residents. However, there are common pests which invade gardens and cause damage to crops.

Professional pest control specialists are the most effective people to help you get rid of any pests which happen to invade your home and thus you should never hesitate to contact them whenever their services are needed.