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Residents of Maryland are exposed to various types of pests in various regions because of the variation of climate in the state. This makes the identification and understanding the habits of some pests hard for the residents.  Identifying the behaviors of pests is an important step in their control, because you usually try to alter anything which attracts them to your home.

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Common pests in maryland

bed bugs

Bed bugs have also found their way to this state. They are not known to transmit any diseases. However, these pests are known to bite, which is very irritating. They tend to attack at night while people are asleep so that they can suck human blood which is the source of their livelihood.

Residents need to be aware of the potential threats of bed bug infestations. There is no place which is immune from the attack of these pests- hotels, homes, schools, etc. Any place that people live is likely to be invaded by these critters as they seek to suck human blood as their meal. Typically, their infestation has nothing to do with hygiene as most people reason. On the contrary, these pests can invade even the cleanest home.

Moreover, they usually multiply fast and in such an event, the efforts of getting rid of them can be very draining both financially and mentally. In addition to that, residents s of the state need to know that these pests can live up to a year without food. Basically, when there are no humans for them to suck blood, they usually go to hibernation until their source of food is available. Since they are tricky to get rid of, professional pest control specialists should be called to help solve the puzzle of bed bug infestation in your home once and for all.


There are various species of bugs found in this state, including stink bugs, but the most common are Boxelder bugs. These bugs are known to feed on crops and other treatmentts. But during colder seasons, they usually sneak into people's homes to seek refuge. Once there, their source of food comes from the food around your home making it difficult for them to go outdoors even when the cold season is over.


In this state, mosquito infestations are a seasonal nuisance, especially during summer when their infestation increases because of the favorable warm climates. These pests transmit diseases, but they are unattractive in all ways. Homeowners are advised to mosquito-proof their homes to avoid getting bitten by these pests. The best ways to do so is to seek professional help from pest control specialists.

stinging pests

Stinging pests are also a seasonal pest commonly sighted in summer. They include Killer bees and wasps which are known to unleash powerful stings once agitated. Normally, they may not be seen during other seasons except for summers. During this time, they love staying outdoors, though they can invade people's home from time to time.

There is also a variety of biting pests which are spotted in Maryland during summer. They include some types of ants, especially Argentine ants, the American Dog tick and Stable flies.

All of these pests need to be eradicated by seeking help from experts in pest control.