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Summer is great in Massachusetts because of the lively variety of outdoor activities available in various parts of the state. However, during this time, the numbers of pests which are common in the state usually multiply in numbers, posing threats to the residents of this state.

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Common pests in massachusetts


With the dreading emergence of Zika virus among other diseases caused by these pests, it is important that you ensure that you have a safer summer by not letting yourself get bitten by these pests, which increase in number during this period. The best way of getting protection is by seeking the services of pest control experts to proof your home against their invasion.


Carpenter ants are very common in this state. The problem with these wood burrowers is that they are usually active at night. This makes it easier for them to operate in homes where they have invaded without the homeowner knowing of their existence. Carpenter ants do not feed on wood like termites do. Instead, they usually excavate chambers in wooden materials to build their nests. They live in colonies and a single colony may have more than one nest hence multiplying their damage in folds. You need not imagine the extent of the damage that they can cause in your home if it happens to host more than one colony. It means that in just a few months, they will have cause enough major structural damage to bring your house down.

bed bugs

In the pest control industry today, the fastest multiplying and most threatening pests are bed bugs. The situation is not only typical to Massachusetts, but nationwide. These critters can be picked from anywhere because they have absolutely nothing to do with hygiene. In airports, movie theaters, commuter trains & buses, hotels, just name it. They are usually very difficult to spot making it a major reason as to why their infestation has grown so rampant across the nation. The residents of Massachusetts are advised to be on the lookout of these pests and seek help when they detect them to curb their growth and spread.

An important aspect of their eradication which residents are advised to be aware of is the fact that there are various species of these pests, although they all look similar to each other. Each species needs a particular approach in treatments and thus their control should be left to experts in pest control to handle them.

stinging pests

Wasps and hornets are commons pests which can be spotted in this state. However, summer is the worst season to the residents of this state, because this is the period when the aggressiveness of these pests is at its peak. They usually love building nests in or around people's homes. You need to be on the lookout for two different types of nests. They may either create an external nest outside your home which usually looks like a ball or they may choose to live inside your home. In the latter case, they will look for a gap on the wall such as ventilation gaps or they may choose to build a nest on the inner side of the roof.

They breed fast, and you should never give them that chance to multiply because they can cause problems at home.  

Also using some repellants can agitate them more and this may lead to an attack. It is always best to call professional pest control experts to help solve any cases of pest infestation in your home.