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The residents of Minnesota are not spared to the various types of pests which are found in their state. During winters, the weather conditions are usually at its all-time low, forcing most pests to seek refuge in people's homes. Summer seasons are also characterized by extremely high temperatures which are good for pest breeding, but they are also forced to seek shelter in people's homes away from the extremely hot temperatures. 

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Common pests in minnesota

There are various pests which the residents of this state should know about and seek help when they notice their infestations.


Roaches are among the most common pests in this state. The German cockroach is the most popular and can be found in any place where there is food. They are fast in breeding and hence when food is plenty, their rate of infestation can multiply within a very short period of time.

Residents of this state are advised to be wary of these pests because they can spread diseases and allergies. They are also embarrassing to be found at home and thus they need to be eradicated through proper treatment.


Ants are also common in most parts of Minnesota. The most common are Pavement and Carpenter ants. Pavement ants usually build mounds on the walls of buildings where there are cracks. However, unlike carpenter ants which love burrowing through wooden materials in the house pavement ants do not.

Carpenter ants, on the other hand, are common in most settlements in the state. They are very destructive because they usually burrow wooden material in homes as they seek to find places to build their nests.


Minnesota has various species of rodents which usually sneak into people's homes. The most common rodents are rats. There are two species of rats which are common in this state- the Norway rat and the Roof rat.

Rats usually invade homes in search of food. Whenever they are able to secure a home with a reliable source of food, they may end up building a nest within the in the dark areas of the home that are less visited, or they can build one around the yard.

Mice are also common in this state. Being social animals, they usually live in large numbers and at times that can go in a group to search for food. This means that when you sight a mouse in your home, there is a high chance that it is not the only one which has sneaked in or may be living within your yard. There is a possibility that they could be a whole big family and thus you need to seek help top get rid of them.

The best help when dealing with pests is to consult professional pests control experts who have extensive knowledge in handling various pests.