pests in mississippi are no match with Terminix in your corner

The subtropical climate of Mississippi is a major factor that contributes to the high presence of pests in this state. All types of common pests which are found in other states in the US are bound to be found in this state too. However, there are common pests which are known to invade many homes in this state. These are the pests that residents should watch out for because it means that the climate is favoring them, hence there are higher chances of multiplication within a short period of time.

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Common pests in mississippi


There are various species of ants which are can be found in this state. However, Argentine ants and Odorous House ants are the most common types of ants found in many homes. In places where Argentine ants are found, it is less likely to find other types of ants because of their aggressiveness. They usually destroy the colonies of other ants and pests by feeding on them.

Moreover, Argentine ants are also aggressive towards humans if agitated. They usually have very painful bites which can cause potentially severe allergies to people. Together with Odorous ants they love the outdoors but can find their way into the homes of many residents. They are usually attracted by food and thus when in a home, they will raid pantry shelves and other places where food is kept.

bed bugs

Bed bugs have also become so common in Mississippi. In colleges, hotels, and homes, they can be found at any place. Because their rate of growth is so fast, residents of this state are always advised to carry out a routine inspection in sleeping areas which are commonly known to hosts these pests. In case their infestation is detected, then it is necessary for you to contact a licensed professional pest control service to help in the treatments of these pests.


There are various beetle species in Mississippi. The common ones include Carpet beetles and the Southern Pine beetles. Carpet beetles will sneak into houses during harsh winter weather and make a home on clothes or under the carpet from where they will routinely get out in search of food at night. They can bring damage to clothes and thus should be treated.

The Southern Pine beetle is another type of destructive beetle which has haunted the residents of Mississippi for hundreds of years. As their name suggests, they have made many landowners get out of the pine-growing business because of their destructive nature. They usually tend to invade trees and forest and cause major damages.

All these common pests in Mississippi and others which are not mentioned here need the services of qualified pest control experts to treat and eradicate them so that they can cease to cause damages and disturbance to the residents.