pests in missouri are no match with Terminix in your corner

Missouri is characterized by a continental climate which is favorable to several species of pests. It is important for the residents of this state to know of the most common types of pests that they are likely to encounter in their homes. This enables them to seek proper ways of dealing with any pest infestations that are found. However, the best results in eradicating pests can be achieved through the efforts of pest control specialists who have the expertise of dealing with various types of pests, hence will enroll the best approaches in dealing with the vermin.

Terminix® Branches in Missouri

With convenient locations strategically placed throughout the state of Missouri. You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's bed bugs, ticks, fleas or biting pests. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

Common pests in missouri

bed bugs

Bed bugs Bed bugs can be found in almost any place- airports, five-star hotels, school hostels, commuter buses and trains, name it. Cleanliness of a place does not make it immune to bed bugs.  You are likely to get them from any such places previously mentioned places and finally, they will head to your home where they will seek refuge, mostly in bedroom areas.

Bed bugs are very elusive and their presence at home may not be detected for long periods of time which can result to a heavy infestation of these pests which usually breed at a very fast rate. Therefore it is important for residents of this state to regularly check for any signs of bed bugs in their homes. Things to look out for include blood spots on bedding or pajamas, their eggs and also any signs of them on the seams of mattresses and pillows. Other signs of their presence may be on any cracks or crevices on the bed or the wall of the bedroom.

It can be difficult to eradicate them given that they are resistant to most common pest repellants. They can also live for about a year without any meal, thus temporarily leaving you thinking that they may starve to death, which is highly unlikely. It is important for the residents of Missouri to seek the services of pest control specialists who have the expertise in treating bed bugs.

Tick and Fleas

Ticks are also common in Missouri. They are known to attack farm animals and pets for a blood meal, but they will not hesitate to attack humans too. They usually transmit diseases to their hosts and thus they are desirable to be found in your home.

The most common species of ticks which are found here include the American Dog tick and Rocky Mountain tick.

Fleas are also known to attack pets whenever they stray and thus they can find their way into your home through the pets. They are likely to cause an infestation at home if not checked. Therefore residents are advised to always disinfect their pets whenever they stray.

stinging pests

There are a variety of stinging pests which may be found in this state. They include killer bees and carpenter bees, paper wasps, bald-faced wasps, hornets, and YellowJackets. The stings of these pests are usually painful, and therefore residents should address their infestation.

In the events that the residents of this state identify a potential pest infestation, it is vital to consult pests control specialists to help them in addressing pest infestation problems.