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Nebraska is a cool place for farmers and ranchers. They are the ones who can tell about the pest situation there because their agricultural practices play a big role in the distribution of pests in this state. However, there are people who move in and move out daily from this state, therefore, it is important for them to know the kinds of vermin to expect in Nebraska.

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Common pests in nebraska

bed bugs

Like in other states of America, Nebraska residents know how these pathetic pests have affected them. In the recent years, there has been a widespread infestation of bed bugs in the US and have been causing much chaos by the fact that that it is hard to eradicate them.

Residents need to be aware of the potential threats of bed bugs infestation. Foremost, there is no apartment, condo, hotel or home which is immune from the attack of these pests. Typically, their infestation has nothing to do with hygiene as most people reason. On the contrary, these pests can invade even the cleanest home.

Moreover, they usually multiply fast and in such an event, the efforts of getting rid of them can be very draining both financially and mentally. In addition to that, residents s of the state need to know that these pests can live up to a year without food. Basically, when there are humans for them to suck blood, they usually go to hibernation until their source of food is available.

You also need to know that they are resistant to common pest drugs and pesticides, hence their eradication is beyond the ability of many residents. Therefore, one needs to call for professional help from pest control specialists for further guidance of the eradication of these pests.


Wasps are common in Nebraska, but the most notorious is the Eastern Velvet Ant. Commonly known as Cow Killer, the pests have a name in this state. These pests normally like staying outdoors and are ever solitary. However, as their name suggest, they sting is so powerful, such that people mythically claim that it can kill a cow.  It is the females which sting. Unlike the males, females are huge, hairy and have bright colors. They have no wings like males. They are usually aggressive while nesting during fall and thus you have to be careful not to cross their lines.


In an agricultural setup, ticks are ever present. This is the same problems faced by residents of this state. The most common species of tick present in this state include the American Dog tick, Lone Star tick, and the Blacklegged tick. Ticks are known to invade animals and that is the reason why they are so common in this state which is known for its agriculture. However, they still can attack humans. They can easily transmit diseases and therefore, in case an infestation is detected, it is important to seek help from pest control specialist.

There are other common pests in this state which include fleas, rodents and pantry pests such as weevils or the Indian Meal moth.

The best way of keeping these pests from invading you home and from multiplying is by calling pest control experts to help in treating and controlling them.