pests in nevada are no match with Terminix in your corner

This semi-arid state in this state is one which is very prone to pest infestations. Pests usually love warm, tropical climates and thus Nevada is a suitable place for these critters to reside. There are various pests which are widespread in this region and affect almost every part of the region.

Terminix® Branches in Nevada

With convenient locations strategically placed throughout the state of Nevada. You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's spiders, silverfish or stinging pests. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

Common pests in nevada


There are harmless spiders in this state as they are also common in other states of America. However, there are venomous spiders here which cause trouble to the residents. The Wolf spider, Black Widow, and the Desert Recluse spider are the worst species to encounter in this state. 

Wolf spiders are usually huge and frightening. However, even though they may bite when agitated, (a painful bite), they are usually not poisonous like the latter two. Black Widow and the Desert Recluse are venomous spiders which are common in warm and dry zones. They are extremely venomous and therefore they should be avoided at all costs. Residents of Nevada are advised to be on the lookout of these two.

In case you happen to encounter them and they end up biting you, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Yet, if you happen to spot them in your home or yard, it is best to call pest control personnel to help you in getting rid of them.


These pests love places which are usually moist such as bathrooms. They are naturally nocturnal and harmless. Despite that, they are known to unleash painful bites when agitated. They can be easily identified because of their fish-like shape which spots two pinchers which spring from their abdomen which makes them look like earwigs.

Silverfish will feed on any type of food that is available in the house making their presence a nuisance at home.

stinging pests

There are various stinging pests present in this state which include Killer bees, Carpenter ants, Wasps, Stable flies, Yellow flies, and mosquitoes, hornets and other pests. The best way to control these pests is to inform pest control specialists who have the expertise of eradicating any pests easily.