pests in new hampshire are no match with Terminix in your corner

The "Granite State", as New Hampshire is commonly referred to by its residents as well as many other Americans, is known to have diverse climatic conditions. The sun could be scorching at a certain time, but within 30 minutes, the whole place would be receiving heavy precipitation. These varying situations make it possible for pests to invade the homes of residents at any time without notice. This is unlike other states where residents know that certain pests are known to sneak into your home during a certain season. 

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Common pests in new hampshire


Giant Water Bugs- As their names suggests, these bugs are usually found in water. Therefore, residents of New Hampshire who love water activities should watch out for these pests because they can inflict painful bites to humans. They usually hide in water as they prey on small fish, frogs and other small water creatures. These bugs can reach 5" in length and have sharp pinchers which they use for hunting.

Assassin bugs are also common in this state. As their name suggests, these bugs are known to kill their prey through repeated stabbing which injects venom into the body of the prey. Although the venom may not be harmful to humans, it is usually quite painful. These bugs can be found in almost every part of New Hampshire. They usually invade people's homes during extreme weather when they feel that they can't stay outdoors anymore. They are aggressive and do not mind stabbing people.

Stink bugs are also common. The most common species being the Brown Marmorated stink bugs. They too invade homes when the conditions outdoors are not conducive for their survival.

bed bugs

Bed bugs are also very common in this state. The presence of bed bugs indicates that it is time to seek the help of pest control specialists before the infestation gets worse.


There are various stinging pests present in this state including killer bees, Carpenter ants, wasps, Stable flies, Yellow flies, hornets and other pests. The best way to control these pests is to inform pest control specialists who have the expertise of eradicating any pests easily.

burrowing pests

If there are any pests that are considered to be destructive in all of the US, then they are the burrowing pests. These include pests which usually burrow wooden material for food or in search for a nesting place. They usually cause major damage which accounts for huge losses of revenue in home replacements. In New Hampshire, the most common types burrowing pests are termites and Carpenter ants.

These two may go unnoticed for long periods of time because they are nocturnal and tend to usually operate when people are asleep. Therefore residents are advised to be on the lookout. One needs to keep check constantly on wooden materials used to build  and support your home regularly for the sign of the pests.

Residents are advised to call professional pest control specialists to help them in getting rid of the pests that invade their homes.