pests will run scared IN NEW MEXICO

New Mexico is generally an arid area. This means that it has relatively higher temperatures compared to the rest of the country. Warm temperatures are optimal for the breeding and growth of pests. This makes New Mexico one of the states in the US in which various types of pests are prevalent.

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Common pests in new mexico

pantry pests

Pantry pests consist of a group of various pests which are known to invade stored food such as grains or flour. The most notable pests among these is the Indian Meal moth, the Sawtooth beetle, Cigarette beetle, and weevils. They are commonly found in places where food is kept. Thus, their infestation rate may be higher and can spread in a relatively short period of time.

bed bugs

Bed bugs are also common in most places in this state. Because their eradication can be difficult for most residents, one should not deter but to seek help from pest control specialists as soon as the presence of these pests is detected. They are normally nocturnal pests and are known to attack humans at night to suck blood. They are also very fast and active while not in hibernation and may escape without getting noticed in case one happens to twitch when they are sucking their blood. Therefore, one may not easily detect their presence.

Regular checkups on areas where they live is critical. These areas include any cracks on beds, seams of mattresses and pillows and also in any crevices of the walls of the bedroom.

Normally, they do not go into hibernation, but in the absence of as a person to suck blood from, they become inactive and can hibernate for over a year without any food.


Termites are common in this state as well. Eastern Subterranean termites are the most common variety of termites found here. They usually cause destruction to wooden materials by burrowing on the inner part of woody materials to obtain cellulose which is their source of food. The other part of the woody material may appear normal and thus a homeowner may not detect the extent of the damage done by these pests until it is too late.


Rodents are also common in various parts of this state. They are known to sneak into homes in search of food and shelter. The most common rodents include mice and rats. The deer mouse and the house mouse are common in most parts of Cleveland and Detroit while the Norway rat and the Roof rat are the most common types of rats which are prevalent in Ohio.

Rodents are known to cause diseases to humans through their secretions and contact with their hair or fur. They are social mammals and they normally look for food together. Thus when one is sighted, there is a high chance that a group of them is nearby.

Always seek the services of qualified pest control specialists in eradication of any pests which may invade your home.