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NY is not only the renowned business capital in the world, but it is one of the best cities to live. The magnificent skyscrapers, the Manhattan cocktails, the vibrant nightlife are contributing factors. There are many reasons why this NY is referenced in many publications. However, many writers fail to mention the horror and nightmares that residents of NY go through each, every season and every year because of the pests which invade their homes

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With convenient locations strategically placed throughout the state of New York. You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's bed bugs, cockroaches or rodents. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

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Common pests in new york

bed bugs

One reason why bed bugs are informally referred to as traveler bugs is the fact that you can pack a few as part of your luggage when traveling. This is also the major reason why the infestation of bed bugs has spread in America like wildfire.

Bed bugs are common in this state nowadays unlike a few years ago. Necessarily, they may not have been brought by visitors of the state. Wherever they came from is not relevant. What is important is for the residents to know how to detect their presence and take necessary steps to eradicate them.

Bed bug infestation can be identified by checking for any signs of blood stains on bedding, checking for the presence of their eggs or young on bed crevices & seams of mattresses or pillows, or through red spots on your skin which could indicate that you have been bitten by them. They usually attack humans to suck blood which supports their lives.


Roaches are also common in almost every part of this state.  Roaches love invading people's home because of the presence of food. Therefore, they will take refuge in case there is plenty of food available. They breed at a very fast rate, especially with plenty of food available and the warmth of the house, their infestation will soon be enormous. The most common species of roaches which invade homes of New Yorkers is the German cockroaches Residents should seek help from pest control specialist for help in eradicating these embarrassing critters.


Rodents are also very common in various parts of the state. The Norway rat is among the most common species of rat found in NY City. They usually love hiding in sewers and invade people's homes at night in search of food. They are dirty because of staying in sewers and thus they may spread diseases whenever they invade you home.

There are other pests in NY and residents should always seek help from specialists in pest control to help get rid of any pests which invade their homes.