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The humid, subtropical climate of North Carolina contributes much to the wide variety of pests in this state. There are various types of pests which are found in the homes of residents of this state as well as in their farm. Pests in homes usually cause many disturbances, while in the field they affect the yields of the crops treatmentted. Most residents of this state practice agriculture and therefore these pests negatively impact on the economy of the state.

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Common pests in north carolina


Termites are common in most parts of this state. Termites love invading people's homes and seeking refuge on wooden materials. Anything wooden provides them with cellulose which they thrive on. If they invade your home, they are most likely to be found on on anything wooden. They are known to burrow through the wood based materials and by the time the homeowner realizes, the damage can be extensive.

It is advisable for the residents of this state to be on the lookout for any infestation of termites at home to evade their damages. Eradication of these pests may not be easy for people with little to no experience, Therefore residents should seek help from pest control specialists to address termites' infestation.


Ants are also prevalent in most part of the state. The most common ant which can be found here is Acrobat ant and Odorous ant. Odorous ants usually sneak into peoples' homes in search of food. They love building their nest in attics and under porches.  When crushed, they produce a very unpleasant odor, hence their name.

Acrobat ants also love invading people's homes in search of food. These ants also have been known to produce a very unpleasant odor, but only when threatened.

Other types of ants that can be found in various parts of the state include Pavements ants, Argentine ants, and Carpenter ants.


Beetles pose major economic problems to the residents of North Carolina. Most beetles usually attack treatmentts causing major destruction. The most common beetles which are notorious for being destructive towards treatmentts include Ambrosia beetles and the Southern Pine beetles. These two pests are known to attack treatmentts which are under stress from drought, injury or due to poor treatmentting.

Infestation of beetles in treatmentts can be recognized by identifying the holes in tree trunks and barks of tress. Their damages have resulted to major economic setback for the residents of this state. However, they usually never invade homes.


North Carolina is also home to several types of bugs which are known to invade people's homes. The most common are the Boxelder bug and the Kudzu ants. Boxelder bugs usually feed on the saps of Boxelder trees. However, during extreme weather conditions, they love sneaking into people's yard and while there they will feed on whatever food available. On the other hand, Kudzu bugs are also know to feed on kudzu and other treatmentts, but may too be forced to seek refuge in people's homes due to extreme weather conditions of North Carolina. While there, they too will feed on whatever food that they can obtain. They are also known to emit unpleasant smell which makes it desirable to have them around.

The best way to eradicate these kudzu bugs and other pests which invade your homes in any season is to seek help from professional pest control specialists who have experience in the best approaches to handling various types of pests.