pests in pennsylvania are no match for terminix

Pennsylvania's climatic conditions vary from region to region. These variations of climate also affect the distribution of pests from region to region making it hard for the residents to know which pests might invade their homes. However, it is important for the residents of this state to know the most common pests to expect and have the knowledge to identify them.

Terminix® Branches in Pennsylvania

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Common pests in Pennsylvania

pantry pests

These are pests which usually have a very high appetite. Naturally, they can be found in locations where food is kept. The most notable pests among these are the Indian Meal moth, the Sawtooth beetle, Cigarette beetle, and weevils. As previously mentioned, they are commonly found in places where food is kept. Thus, their infestation rate may be higher and can spread in a relatively short period of time.

Generally, these pests do not cause any direct harm to humans. However, they can easily contaminate stored food which would potentially result in health problems if one happens to eat the contaminated food.

Stinging Insects

There are various stinging pests in Pennsylvania. The most common stinging pests include paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.

Wasps usually invade homes as they search for a good place to build their nests. They may choose to build a nest outside the home or inside the house. Their outer nests are usually ball-shaped, while inside the house, they usually look for gaps on the walls where they establish their nests. They can be very aggressive when agitated and there are known to attack by stinging. Their stings are usually very painful.

Yellow jackets are also common in this state. These pests together with hornets and wasps, also have very painful stings and will not hesitate to sting anyone wherever they are agitated.

Killer bees are also found in some part of this state, though they are usually sighted during summer and early fall.


Generally, these pests are usually harmless and mostly they do not interfere with people. However, one dangerous species of centipedes which the residents of this state are supposed to watch out for is the Chinese Red-head centipede. This pest when agitated responds by unleashing a very painful bite. Normally, they are found outdoors, but they sneak into homes to avoid extreme the weather outside.


These pests usually love staying anywhere moist. When they enter into homes, they are likely to be found in places like bathrooms. They are harmless, though they can bite someone when disturbed. Their bites however, are not very painful.


These pests are also common in most homes in this state. They look much alike with Silverfish in all manners except for their color. Although they too love moist places, they commonly love staying outdoors, though from time to time they usually sneak into people's homes in search of food.

Pests are never meant to live with humans and thus there is the need to eradicate them if ever they are sighted in your home. The best practices of pests control are usually carried out by professional pest control specialists, whom you should call in case you detect an infestation of any sort of pests in your home.