pests in south carolina are no match for terminix

South Carolina’s geographical climate is characterized by extremes during both winters and summers. This means that winters can become dangerously frigid. This leads pests to invade your home as they seek refuge from the cold weather outside. On the other hand hot summers favor the breeding of pests making them more active. However, too hot sun also pushes pests into your home as they escape the scorching heat. 

Terminix® Branches in South Carolina

With convenient locations strategically placed throughout the state of South Carolina. You can count on Terminix® Pest Control Services to handle any pest problem that may arise. Whether it's mosquitoes, spiders or fleas. We have specific treatment customized customized solutions for any situation you might find in or around your home.

Common pests in south carolina


Breeding of mosquitoes is usually facilitated by warm climates such as that of South Carolina. Therefore, the presence of these pests in this state is so diverse. They usually multiply in numbers during the summer months.

There are various species of these pests in this state. Generally, mosquitoes transmit various diseases to humans and therefore, the residents of this state are advised to take necessary measures of mosquito-proofing their homes against these pests.


The residents of South Carolina should be wary of dangerous spiders that can be found in this state. These spiders, unlike the common harmless spiders, are usually venomous. They include the Southern and Northern Black widow spiders and the Desert and Brown Recluse spiders. They are all poisonous and in case you happen to be bitten by either of them, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention.

These spiders usually stay outdoors but can sneak into people’s homes. Females are known for invading people’s home in search of places to nest when they are breeding.  During this time, they can be very aggressive and can easily attack if disturbed. They should never be left to breed in homes lest they cause an infestation.’


Fleas are common among pests in this state. Fleas can be very irritating and cause skin problems to pets. They also multiply at a very fast rate hence their rate f infestation can double within a short period of time. Heavy infestation in pets can lead to anemia. Moreover, they usually host tapeworms which can easily be passed to the pets when they are grooming. This can make life miserable for your pets and also for you.

In some instances, fleas also attack humans for a blood meal. This not only causes irritation to humans but can lead to allergies. It is important for residents of South Carolina to control, fleas by treating infected pets, yards and also in the house.

ants and termites

Among the variety of ants which are likely to take refuge in your home during chilly weathers are Carpenter ants. Like their manes depict, they will be ready to burrow on anything wooden thus causing potentially massive damage to property. During this time, they will increase in numbers and by the time winter is over they will have done unrepairable damage to the wooden frames in your home.  

Termites too have the same destructive tendencies as Carpenter ants. They too will feed on anything wooden that they come across. A combination of these two in your home can result in borderline catastrophic damage.  

The presence of pests in the house is never encouraged. Therefore residents should consult with pest control experts to find better customized customized solutions of addressing any infestation of pests in South Carolina.