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The fact that Texas covers a very wide geographical location, presents probable chances of finding a variety of various pests in the state. Moreover, the climate of this state varies in various locations because of the multiple climate zones which intersect various parts of the state. Some areas are colder, while others are arid and warmer. Therefore the residents of this state are likely to encounter various types of pests.

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Common pests in texas


Though most species of spiders are usually harmless, there are dangerous spiders which can be found in Texas. The dangerous spiders of Texas are venomous and hence their bites can easily kill. Residents are advised to always seek immediate medical attention in the event that one gets bitten by any venomous spider in this state.

The most common poisonous spiders found in this state include Black Widow spiders and Brown Recluse spiders. Generally, they are never aggressive but can easily bite when provoked. Also, the females can be very nervous when they are breeding and hence more aggressive. The females usually seek refuge in homes to breed and can be found in dark areas of the house such as the basement, washroom and even in bedrooms.

Tarantulas, large species of the spider family, are also common in this state. They may appear frightening, but generally, tarantulas do not bite people. As a matter of facts, they are beneficial because they feed on other pests. However, this is not a justified reason to have them in your house.

bed bugs

Problems with bed bugs have been widespread in the US in the recent years. These critters have also made their presence to be felt in Texas. The fact that they are elusive and hard to get rid of creates huge problems for the residents of this state.

Basically, bed bugs usually hide in crack and crevices of bed and the walls of the bedrooms from where they can attack humans at night for a blood meal. They have a very fast breeding rate and thus within no time, their rate of infestation can double thus presenting more problems in eradicating them. Moreover, they are usually resistant to common over-the-counter pests' repellants.

It is, therefore, imperative for residents of this state to seek better ways of getting rid of them when detected. Pests control specialists have the expertise and knowledge in the eradication of these pests and hence residents should take that opportunity and seek their services.


Many residents of this state are also familiar with these nuisance pests. Roaches infestation is widespread across almost all homes of the state. These pests usually love food and thus they will invade your house to get some. They love hiding in creepy places from where they will come out from time to time, especially at night, to look for food. The German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the Smoky brown cockroach are the most common types of roaches to be found in Texas.


Rodents are also widespread in this state. Mice and rats are the most common. However, even moles can be found in the arid parts of this state.

Residents of Texas should always be on the lookout for various types of pests which invade their homes and seek professional services from pests control specialists in eradicating them.