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Utah has always been known to be home to various pests for many reasons. The fact that the state features a dry, semi-arid to desert-like climate makes it one of the best locations for pests to thrive in the US. There are various types of pests which can be found in this state that residents should be aware of.

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Common pests in utah


In any dry and warm climate, one of the most common pests which you are likely to encounter is a scorpion. Therefore the climate of Utah makes it conducive for these critters to be available in plenty. There are various species of scorpions which can be found in this state. However, the two common species that residents are likely to encounter are the Desert hairy scorpion and the Stripped-bark Scorpion.

These species are usually not aggressive and their venom is not very dangerous. However, their stings are very painful. They usually wander and invade homes as they seek refuge from the scorching sun especially during summer.


There are varieties of spider species which are common in this state. Most of the species are not dangerous. However, there are various species of poisonous scorpions which are found in most parts of Utah. They include Black Widow spiders, Desert Recluse Spiders, and brown Recluse Spiders.

The venom of these spiders is dangerous and a bite may not only make one sick but can lead to death. It is, therefore, advisable for a person to seek immediate medical attention after being bitten by these species.

The best remedy, however, is to take precautionary steps of getting rid of any spiders which invade your home. Pest control specialists have specialized approaches of addressing these issues, and thus residents should be ready to seek their services to deal with spider problems.

Another common species of spider which can be found is the Wolf spider. These species are not dangerous although they usually appear frightening. They are usually beneficial because they feed on other pests.  Tarantulas are also common in various parts of the state. They are also dangerous although they huge size and hairy body can be frightening.


Termites love warm areas and hence they are so common in Utah. The Easter subterranean termites are the most common species to be found here. Termites are generally destructive. They usually cause major damages to wooden materials by burrowing homes so as to obtain cellulose to feed on. These damages can amount to major losses in a home if they are not eradicated early enough to minimize the damages.


Ticks survive on sucking blood from their hosts. They can also transmit diseases while doing so. Therefore, they should never be found anywhere near humans or animals. They mostly target pets and animals, but can also target humans. Pets which stray from homes are likely to be infected with ticks which may eventually find their way into your home and cause a major infestation if not managed.

The most common species of ticks found in Utah include the American Dog tick and the Rocky Mountain wood tick.

Other pests found in Utah include fleas, mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants among other. Residents should always call specialists in pests control to help in addressing any problems posed by pests in their homes.