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Virginia is one of the states in the US which has an extensive forest cover. In fact, forests cover 65% of the state. While this is a good indication of how healthy it is to live in this state, the forest cover also offers an ideal environment for pests to flourish. The geographical climate of this state ahas extreme seasonal variation, with winters being very cold and summers being extremely warm.

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Common pests in virginia

stinging pests

Bees are common in Virginia during spring and in summer. However, the most common type of bees which residents are likely to encounter are carpenter bees. Carpenter bees usually invade homes and will try to build their nests in wooden materials which have been used to construct a home. They will burrow into the woods and thus cause damages. A large number of these pests can result in massive damages and therefore homeowners should seek advice on how to handle these bees. Moreover, the females can unleash painful stings when agitated and thus are unsafe to be found in homes.

Wasps and hornets are also some common pests which can be found here. These pests usually unleash painful stings when agitated. Wasps will usually try to invade homes so that they can build their nests. They usually look for gaps on the walls of a house, where they can build their nests. They are also known to love building their nests on the exterior part of the home. Hornets on the other side are outdoor pests. However, they are likely to be encountered near homes as they search for food. When agitated, they will often respond by stinging.


Mosquitoes are also common in this state. Mosquitoes usually prey humans at night so that they can suck blood. In the process, they are known to transmit various diseases. This makes them unsuitable to be found in a home. However, they are usually common in Virginia and residents are always advised to mosquito-proof their homes against these pests. The best way for residents to do so is by seeking the services of professional pest control specialist.


Termites are also some pests which are extensively sighted in most homes in this state. Termites are usually very destructive and may cause structural damages to wooden materials in a home. Their damage is usually not noticeable given that these pests usually work at night when people are asleep.

Moreover, they usually burrow wood and extract food from the inner part of wooden materials leaving the outer part looking normal. This makes it difficult for a homeowner to realize the damage being caused by these pests until it is too late. Other pests common in this state include ticks, spiders, stable flies and pavement ants. Residents should address pests' problems by seeking services of qualified pest control specialists.