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Various pests are common in the state.  Generally, there are variations of climate in this state, with the eastern part of the state being relatively arid, unlike the western state which experiences large amounts of precipitation. These conditions create opportunities for various pests to be found in this state.

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Common pests in washington


There are various species of ants which can be found in this state. The most common species are carpenter ants, pavement ants, and Odorous House ants. 

Carpenter ants are the species of ants which cause many problems for homeowners in this state. Basically, these ants are known to cause structural damages on wooden materials used in home construction. Thus, they pose imminent dangers to homeowners if they happen to invade. They are social creatures which are known for live in colonies of hundreds or thousands. This may pose problems in controlling them, but what may worry homeowners more is the extent of damage which can be caused by such a large number of pests.

Pavements ants are also common in most homes. Unlike carpenter ants, these species prefer to build their nests (mounds) on the walls of houses. This too leads to the destruction of walls and also lawnscapes which they invade.


There are various types of rodents which are common in this state. They include rats, mice, and squirrels. Generally, rats and mice are the most notorious rodents in Washington. They are known to invade homes especially at night in search of food. They can transmit diseases through biting, but most commonly through their urine.

They are also known to invade homes in large number and may cause major disturbances as they forage for food in a home. Squirrels are also present in various parts of the state, but generally stays outdoors hence do not cause many problems.

stinging pests

There are various stinging pests which can be found in various parts of the eastern side of Washington. There are usually common in spring and throughout summer. They include Killer bees, Paper wasps, Yellow Jackets and the Bald-faced hornets. Basically, these pests usually cause disturbances by invading homes or yards. They are usually aggressive and can inflict much pain through their stings. Therefore their presence in homes or yards is unwarranted and should be eradicated.


Many species of spiders which are common in this state are usually harmless and cause fewer disturbances. However, there are various species of spiders which should get the residents of Washington worried. This is because they are usually very poisonous and a bite from them can make a person sick or succumb to their venom. The most notorious poisonous spider which is most likely to be found in this state is the Hobo spider. Other spiders likely to be encountered in the eastern part of the state are the Brown Recluse spiders and the Black Widow species.

stink bugs

Stink bugs are also common in the western part of the state. Even though they are usually harmless to humans, they usually emit a very unpleasant smell. This makes it desirable for them to be found at home.

Other pests common in this state include bed bugs, boxelder bugs, flies and fleas among others. Residents should seek the services of professional pest control specialists to help in eradicating these and any other pests found in their homes.