pests in west virginia are no match for terminix

West Virginia is endowed with some of the most beautiful and magnificent landscapes and natural features such as the Appalachian Mountains. This makes it one of the most beautiful states of the US to visit and also live. Despite that, these landscapes have an effect on the climate of the state. West Virginia has varying climatic conditions in various parts of the state. However, most parts are generally characterized by a humid, subtropical climate: this result in a wide variety of pests which can be found in various parts of the state.

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Common pests in west virginia


There are various species of ants which can be found in this state. The most common species of ants likely to be found include the carpenter ants, the odorous house ants, and the pavements ants.

Odorous House ants are a nuisance to be found in homes. These ants may build their nest in any part of the house which is often unused. Typically, they are disliked because of the unpleasant odor which they usually emit when crushed, hence their name odorous house ants.

Carpenter ants on the other ants are generally destructive. They usually cause much damage to wooden materials used to builds a house by burrowing on through the materials so that they can build their nests. This creates various structural problems to the house and thus they need to be eradicated. They also can induce pain to humans through biting when agitated.

Pavement ants are usually harmless. They are most likely to be found on the lawn in yards or on the walls of a building where they usually build their mounds. In a building, their mounds can cause destructions to the interior décor of the home hence the need to eradicate these pests.

pantry pests

These pests include wide groups of various pests which are known to have a big appetite for food. They include the Indian Meal moth, carpet beetles, Saw-tooth grain beetles, and various types of weevils among others. These pests are likely to be found in places where processed grains and other foods are kept. They can cause destruction to such foods.

Carpet beetles are also prevalent in this state. Carpet beetles are known to cause damages to clothes and anything made from animal skin.

bed bugs

West Virginia has not been spared from the menace of bed bugs. These blood-sucking creatures will usually invade your home and take refuge on the cracks and crevices on the bed or the walls of the bedroom. While there, they will usually attack humans at night for a blood meal. They usually breed at a very fast rate; hence their rate of infestation can grow in folds in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, they are resistant to common over-the-counter pests' repellants. This makes it hard for most homeowners to eradicate them.

Residents of this state are usually advised to regularly check for any signs of the presence of these creatures. This is vital to identify and eradicate them early, before their infestation increases, which can be draining to eradicate.

Other common pests which can be found in West Virginia include cockroaches, termites, spiders, stinging pests and rodents. It is vital for residents of this state to keep their homes pest-free. This can be achieved through purchasing the services of professional pest control specialists.


Roaches are also common pests in many homes in Alabama. They usually feed on household leftovers, but too like termites, they can thrive on woody materials including books. An infestation of roaches can usually make the home be embarrassing. They also are health threats and can cause various diseases including asthma in children.

The most common variety of roach common in Alabama is the German cockroach. Other types of cockroaches which are present in Alabama though in small numbers include Brownbanded cockroach and America cockroach. Their infestation areas usually include cracks on walls/ floors and in dark places of the homes.

Bed bugs

No one wants to discover a pest infestation inside their homes. However, bed bugs are usually small and secretive pets and their presence may go undetected until they become quite severe.  Bed bugs can inhabit even clean homes. During the day they usually hide and attack at night causing sleepless nights and can also cause different types of skin allergies.

They usually feed on blood and can live for several months without any meal and still survive. It is advisable to call pest control services whenever these pests are spotted.

Hornets, Wasps, and bees

These pests are not so common in Alabama although they can be spotted from time to time. Yellow jacket and Bald-faced hornets are some of the most common types of hornets that are usually spotted here.  Wasps can also be sighted, with Paper Wasps being the most common variety of wasp common in the region. Also available in small numbers are Open Pipe Mud daubers.

Bees are also present in Alabama. The most commonly found bees are Bumble bees which are usually beneficial to crops for facilitating pollination. However, they can sting and/or bite when disturbed. Other types of bees which can be seen in this region include Killer bees and Carpenter bees.


Fleas and tick are some of the common pests in Alabama. They are usually common to pet owners and farmers who keep domestic animals. American Dogs ticks are the most common variety of ticks spotted in most stray dogs and those which have not been kept well. Also, there is a little presence of Brown Dog ticks. These are very dangerous because, in the absence of dogs, they can bite humans causing Lyme disease.

Fleas are also common in dogs and cats. They too can bite humans and can cause skin allergies.

In the event that any pest is discovered in your home, it is advisable to call pest control services early. Most pests can hide for long and cause much damage if not controlled. They too can spread disease and cause nuisance at homes.