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There are over 150 different types of pests threatening and causing damage to homes in the United States every year. Do-it-yourself pest control can not only be time consuming, it can be tough to correctly diagnose and eliminate your pest problems without professional help. Leave it to our qualified, professional, knowledgable, and courteous exterminators to handle your needs. With our affordable pest control and pest treatments, Terminix® will help eliminate pests in your home and keep them from ever coming back.


Rodents and pests can cause harm to your home and also your loved ones. To learn more about the services Terminix© offers and save $50 on pest control treatment, call today and get a free quote!

From one time treatments to pest protection treatments that offer ultimate protection and peace of mind, there is a Terminix© customized solution that's right for you

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and:
  • No Risk:  A free in-house evaluation with one of our experts, will provide you with customized pest control options
  • Flexibility: On-Call service on your schedule from our team of background-checked technicians to ensure that the quality of their work matches the quality of their character
  • Peace of mind: Terminix© has over 85+ years of pest extermination and protection experience

When you sign up for our Quarterly Protection treatment, you can rest assured that existing pests will be exterminated, and new pests won't even think about coming into your home

The best offense is a good defense:
  • Be Proactive: Chances are that if you think you need professional extermination services, it's already too late to do it yourself
  • Educate Yourself:  Whether you are dealing with roof rats, wasps, termites, or one of the other 150 pests in the United States,  make sure you know the correct warning signs 
  • The Terminix© Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your results,  Terminix® will refund your money, no questions asked!

not sure what pest you're dealing with?  Contact Terminix® today and we will help you figure it out!