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Termites cause billions of dollars a year to United States homeowners. Once termites are discovered it is often already too late. An infestation can result in severe structural damage. Protect your investment. Act now, before it's too late, and stop termites in their tracks. Act now, before it's too late, and stop termites in their tracks.

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The average expense for an American homeowner can cost over $8,000! Also, the majority of United States homeowner insurance policies do not cover damages or repairs from termites. That's where Terminx® comes in. Terminix's© BAIT BARRIER PLAN or SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE COVERAGE PLAN will not only cover you for damages and repairs caused by termites while you have an active treatment plan, but Terminix© also offers a best in class, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

Termite Inspection

qualifying for termite protection

As long as there are no visible interior or exterior signs of termites and you live within one of the qualifying states where Terminix© offers coverage.  You are good to go!  If no termites are found during your free inspection, you can rest easy knowing that one of the services below will fit your needs. For even more peace of mind, Terminix© allows you to choose a package that combines both termite and pest services for even more protection and savings.

  • A proven customized solution to effectively protect your home from termites using bait stations which result in fast, effective control.

  • Our combination of pest control and Bait Barrier Plan® will make your home feel like a fortress.  The Dual Advantage® Protection Package will give you ultimate peace of mind.

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