The average termite repair in the United States can cost a homeowner over $8,000! Not to mention the psychological damage of knowing that your home was invaded by unwanted pests. Contact Terminix© today to keep your home safe and termite free!

termites don't stand a chance

Termites cause over $5 billion a year to American homeowners.  In fact, one in thirty homes is infested by termites, sometimes without the knowledge of the homeowner. Termites eat continuously around the clock, without sleep. Gnawing through wood, treatmentts, paper, insulation, drywall and anything else that gets in their way.

Termite Inspection

They destroy building foundations, support beams, plumbing pipes, insulation, even swimming pool liners and filtration systems! Termites can also injure or destroy living trees and shrubs.

Terminix©'s trained professionals will inspect the perimeter and interior of your home and property on an annual basis. Terminix© will ensure that the signs termites are not present in or around your home. If one of our certified exterminators happens to find an infestation during an inspection, your home will be treated with the safest, industry leading treatment and control systems available.  It's the Terminix© guarantee that your home will be protected or we will give you your money back.  No questions asked!

why do you need termite treatment?

Termites are the cause of more calls to entomology departments than any other household pest. Subterranean, dampwood, and drywood termites are serious pests, whose control is best left to professionals. Termite colonies can have up to two million members. They are constantly working and destroying anything that comes into their paths.  Termites and termite management services can be confusing, however, with Terminix© the process is simple.  Terminix© offers a variety of comprehensive Termite Inspection and Treatment Plans that are guaranteed to protect your home and keep it termite free - or your money back.

  • Termite colonies don't stand a chance with the Bait Defend System®. The Terminix© system will provide bot annual and quarterly monitoring to protect your home against new subterranean termites, including Formosan termites. If we find anything, you’re covered against treatment and damage repair costs to your home and property.  

    The baiting system works by placing small wood and paper bait in the ground around the perimeter of your home's foundation. The baits are laced with a slow-acting, industry leading chemical that is fatal to termites. The same as liquid treatment systems, termites who ingest the treated bait will eventually pass on the chemical to other termites throughout their colony.  The chemicals used in most baiting systems interfere with the termites' ability to molt or shed their exoskeleton, a vital metamorphosis for termites to grow and thrive. The termites then die during their next molting cycle. Baiting can be used alone or along with liquid treatment.  

    The patented Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System® is engineered to destroy colonies before they can reach your home. Instead of placing treated wood in the bait, Terminix© places untreated wood in the bait.  Terminix© will then monitor the traps electronically until activity is detected. Once active termites begin feasting on the bait, the termites are placed in a treated bait trap, which they then ingest and spread through their colony.  They will never know what hit them.

  • liquid DEFEND SYSTEM®
  • The liquid treatment systems work by creating a safe, invisible liquid barrier around the perimeter of your home. and property targeting foraging subterranean termites. We'll protect your investment and make sure that they don't come back.  The chemical affects the termites that com into contact with it.  It is then transmitted to other members of the colony through contact with the affected termites. 

    The customized solution will then proceed to slowly kill the termites by preventing cellular production, leading to death by inactivity and apathy. Some termites who come in contact with fatal doses of the chemical will die instantly. However, because the chemicals are engineered to kill over a certain period of time, most infected termites are able to spread it to other termites within the colony with devastating effect.  The Terminix Liquid Defend System® will not only provide quick and lasting results.  But it is safe for your family, pets and home.

  • Our industry leading, customized fumigation ("tenting") process is a thorough and effective treatment for getting rid of your drywood termite problem.  Termites won't think twice about coming into your home again.  During the termite fumigation process, a certified Terminx© termite professional will place a tent over your home before releasing a fumigant throughout your home. The mist will then circulate throughout your home to reach the nooks and crannies between and inside wood where termites tunnel and thrive. Termites will breathe in the fumigant, which then will deplete their oxygen.  This affects termite's nervous system and ultimately is the cause of their death.  

    After our trained expert has confirmed there has been satisfactory exposure to infested areas, he or she will remove the termite fumigation tent.  Once the tent is removed, the fumigant will disperse into the air. It typically takes at least six hours for the fumigant to thoroughly dissipate from your home after treatment.


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