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Terminix has over 85+ years of termite control experience. We will make sure that your home is termite free. No other company eliminates termites like Terminix. Leave it to the professionals. We are confident that we will solve your termite problems and eliminate them from your home or property.

why do you need termite control?

Termites  cause billions of dollars in damage to American homes each and every year, feasting on wood, paper, books insulation even outside tarps and swimming pool covers. Average termite repairs can total on average close to $8,000!  The financial impact can be even more expensive or surprising when buying or selling a home. Termite inspection reports are now a common practice during home inspections during home transactions. The smallest signs of a termite infestation can result in significant value of your home. Unknowingly, many American homeowners do not realize that termite damage is not covered in their home insurance policies. Leaving one with the question of what is the best customized solution to protect your home from such scenarios.  

The answer is quite easy, call Terminix! Our certified termite inspection and prevention specialists will assess your home and suggest an effective and lasting termite control or treatment customized solution that is specifically tailored to you. If you call now, you can save 10% on a certified, 100% satisfaction guaranteed termite treatment or protection treatment.

termite control treatments provide:

  • Annual inspections of your home or property as long as your treatment is active
  • Treatment treatments as low as $35 a month!
  • Terminix will pays for costs or repairs if termites return to your home after treatment
  • The safest, most advanced control customized customized solutions used in the industry
  • A 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly, courteous and professional service from trained technicians

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